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Lasting Car Care & Engine Tune-Up Services

Tires - Car Care

Change Your Tires

Come to Hanvey Tire & Auto Repair for tire sales
and services
if you have a flat or worn-out tires.
We rotate your tires to maintain their lifespan and
provide new tires to replace old ones.

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Repair Your Engine

Bring your car to our facility for engine
to find out what is wrong with your
vehicle. Our technicians get your car back on the
road quickly after a tune-up and oil change.

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Check Your Brakes

Make sure your car is road-ready with a new
brake installation
or services. We check your
brakes and install new fluid to make sure your
brake system is working properly.

Who We Are

Hanvey Tire & Auto Repair is a family-owned car care facility in Birmingham, Alabama. With more than 40 years of experience, we specialize in quickly diagnosing your automobile problems with an engine tune-up. We always guarantee 100% satisfaction in every service we perform. Since the 1960s, we have been offering tire and auto repair services backed up by the manufacturer's standard warranty. Our reputation has grown from word-of-mouth, and some of the customers we serve today are the children and grandchildren of our first customers.


Mission Statement

We are a Christian-owned business dedicated to treating our customers right. We also know that saying that doesn't mean much, but our actions do. Our satisfied customers and word of mouth referrals speak to our quality personal service.

Contact us to request a service for routine car care to avoid problems on the road.

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More Than 40 Years of Experience